Homesick (repost)

Day 66 in Coventry:

Time flies, it has been almost 2 months staying in a foreign country.  Many of my friends asked me if I have homesick, and every time I answered “not at all.” Indeed, people are nice here, there’s no serious air pollution in which I have no more allergic rhinitis. In fact, there’s still an array of reasons that make me feel alright in the UK which I’m really grateful for:

1、High school friends

I can always chat with them and sometimes have dinner together.


So glad that my high school friends invited me to go to their church. Currently, I go to church every Saturday and Sunday, fellowship in Birmingham on Sat and worship in Elim church on Sunday respectively.

3、Devotion and pray

Me and my friend @ehaww pray and have devotion time together almost everyday.


Friends from Hon Kong call me from time to time even when they’re busying.

5、Getting to know international friends

All about first step.

6、Cantonese song



I started to learn how to cook – I can always cook myself Chinese food.

Studying in the UK is really beneficial for me as I have a plenty of time getting to know myself which is crucial for self development, letting me not to take someone else’s character to build up myself, allowing me to find my true self.

Adapting the live style here quickly and studying the subject I love make me feel better leaving home.

And to be honest, how can I not miss Hong Kong food – especially tamjai and tenren’s tea.


Day 66 in Coventry:

時光飛逝 來到一個陌生的地方已經有兩個月多了 很多朋友問我怎麼樣 有沒有homesick 我都一律回答說:「零個有homesick 我好鍾意呢度。」對啊 確實是 這裏的人很有善 (or not) 空氣好 我也再沒有鼻敏感了 事實上 除了以上幾點外 我沒有一點homesick的原因是這裏有很多值得我感恩的事:


好像有什麼事也可以找人問 還會間中一起煮飯聊天 


很感恩有KE的人問我返教會不 我現在每個星期六返chinese church的團契 星期日返Coventry elim崇拜 

三、(盡可能) 每晚靈修祈禱 

早已和 @ehaww 談這個問題 想不到我們真的會實踐到每晚互相為大家祈禱 


好多朋友 即使沒有約時間 打給他們們都會陪我聊天 一聊聊數個小時 








來到這裡有個好處 就是有很多自己一個的時間 多了時間與自己相處 了解自己更多 這對我很重要 因為這令我再也不會拿別人的character來建立自己  讓我找回自己 

不是說我沒有想念香港 只是我很快適應了這裏的生活 加上讀自己喜歡的科目 讓我不會homesick 

我也很清楚沒有可能會到中學那時跟朋友天天見 上莊的上莊 拍拖的拍拖 再也沒法齊人 (可能冇咁灰

再說 以前一個星期最少食一次譚仔 有空落旺角喝天仁茗茶 怎會不懷念?




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